Psychosynthesis is known as the psychology with a soul. Roberto Assagioli, psychoanalyst, neurologist and the founder of psychosynthesis was way ahead of his time by incorporating mindfulness and spirituality into western psychiatry and psychology. He was a major influence in the fields of humanistic and transpersonal psychology.

Piero Ferrucci, psychosynthesis psychotherapist, philosopher, student and collaborator of Assagioli writes,
‘…the principles that Roberto Assagioli and his pupils have enunciated in the last hundred years now find a precise correspondence in the data and models of neuroscience.’

Today, psychosynthesis theory and practice is continuing to evolve and grow as rigorously trained practitioners integrate new philosophies, ideas and evidence based practice – such as neuroscience – into their theory and practice.

Psychosynthesis is process of Self development which draws on neuroscience combined with methods tried and tested throughout the ages, such as meditation and creative work. There is no religious or spiritual teachings involved but it does take into consideration things like purpose, values and meaning which are classified as being aspects of the higher Self.

This short video talks about the higher consciousness is in terms consistent with Psychosynthesis:


Psychosynthesis psychotherapy

“… the spiritual is as basic as the material part in man.”

Roberto Assagioli