The reasons that some people seek out a counsellor are as varied and different as people themselves. Some of my clients come to me seeking help with problems which they describe as having a mystical or spiritual nature; some of them have difficulty even describing what they are experiencing. Unusual and unexplainable experiences can be beautiful and come with a sense of great peace but they can also be extremely scary and confusing. It is slowing being shown both by research and through the sharing of people who have come through this kind of experience that the attitude of the person and those around them can have a big influence on the outcome of what is, in fact, a process that has been reported by many people throughout human history and all cultures.

These experiences can occur ‘out-of-the-blue’ or be triggered by stressful or traumatic events in life such as bereavement, divorce, a severe accident or injury, losing your job or any other change in life circumstances. Without us knowing it, these events can bring about a period of psychological change in which we are called to think bigger and become something more than we were. Suddenly we are responsible for far more than we are used to or we begin to question life and what it all means.

Working with a therapist with experience and knowledge of this process can help to make meaning of anomalous experiences which reduces the anxiety and confusion that can occur. The person is then able to integrate the experience into their life which means it is no longer disturbing and distressing.

Are you asking yourself one or more of these questions –

Am I going crazy/mad?

Too much psychological change or change that is too fast or deep can leave you feeling like you are losing your grip on reality or unraveling. Working with a therapist can help you to gain more stability and reduce the fear and anxiety around this.

Am I psychic?

Experiences which seem super-natural can occur when going through a period of psychological change and growth. It is important to stay grounded and working with a psycho-spiritual counsellor can help you to manage the experiences you are having.

Why am I feeling unusual energies in my body or head?

I can see spirits or angels